017 Non Religious Arguments Against Abortion

Non-Religious Arguments Against Abortion – Using History, Science, and Sociology to Debate Non-Believers…part 1

Tonight Sandy and Elisabeth step away from the Scripture to discuss the evidence and defend the pro life position against abortion to help you strengthen and refine your argument when debating people who are not believers.


To someone who is not Christian, or of any other faith for that matter, “because the Bible says” is not a strong enough reason to combat thousands of years of lies to women and to families.

You must know WHY you believe what you believe in order to defend why you believe it. And you must also know what the opposite side believes and be able to empathize with them as human beings before you will be able to speak to their hearts on such passionate issues as abortion.


You can start empathizing by not calling women who have had an abortion a murderer. That is not speaking in love and it will do nothing to change minds and save babies.

Kimberly Ross from Redstate: Ben Shapiro says we shouldn’t prosecute women who have had abortions and he’s right.

I am…someone who desires and strives to speak the truth while not forsaking compassion and most of all, a listening ear. Love is truly louder.

The beauty of the gospel is that not only are we created equally in the image of God, but we are also equal at the cross. And because of that we can, and should, have compassion and empathy towards other sinners, even if their sin is very different from our own.


This lie is not new. It is an ancient and powerful lie. Infanticide is not new it is just wrapped up in a shiny new package called women’s healthcare. And sadly it will very likely exist in another form even if we are successful in creating legislation to protect life in our generation.

There is new information that ancient cultures may have practiced infanticide simply to control the size of their families (Yewden Villa archaeology discovery)


Yes the “S” word that so many Christians fear. Science is on our side! We have so much more evidence now to establish that babies in the womb are very much alive, can process their environment and feel pain than we did when Roe V Wade was decided. And while we can’t force the courts to hear the case again in light of these advancements we can certainly make sure our friends and family are aware.


Abortion is a violent procedure. There is no way around that. It is invasive and it ends a life. There are many people who care nothing for the word of God but will passionately demand that no violence against women should be tolerated. We have common ground with these people and we need to bring light to that and agree that violence against women should not be tolerated in any form.


Did you know that North Carolina was still performing forced sterilization procedures as a way to control welfare spending until 1977.

Abortion and eugenics proponents, including but not limited to, Margaret Sanger used programs just like this one to try and exterminate those with mental illness, low IQ, physical handicaps, low income and brown skin from the gene pool.

They worked with the Ku Klux Klan, politicians and community socialites such as the heir to the Proctor and Gamble fortune (you know the company who owns Pampers).

Organized charity itself is the symptom of a malignant social disease. -M Sanger

Join us next week as the discussion continues and we move into the modern leadership, growth and mission of Planned Parenthood.


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