019 Conversations for Christ – Speaking the Truth of Abortion in Love



Argument: It’s just a fetus.

Response: Fetus is latin for offspring or little one. It literally means baby.

Argument: It’s just a clump of cells.

Response: We are all just clumps of cells what we are arguing about is the point of dependency that it should be okay to terminate a human life.

Argument: Well if you don’t like it just don’t have one.

Response: I believe that the unborn are unique human beings so what kind of person would I be if I didn’t speak out against their mass murder. It’s no different to me than sitting silently while someone caused you harm and justify it by your perceived worth.

Argument: But all GOP’ers are pro-war and pro-death penalty.

Response: I don’t know anyone who is “pro-war”. Appropriate punishments for convicted criminals and appropriate treatment for innocent victims is a completely different conversation. I am anti-murder at any stage in human life. I would be happy to discuss my views on the death penalty another time but for the sake of this argument lets just say that I agree death by lethal injection is cruel and inhumane and should be outlawed.

Argument: Well if you don’t like abortion why don’t you adopt every child, pay for every expense and give ALL the free things to babies.

Response: Because I believe that women are intelligent enough to know that choices have consequences and not rut like bitches in heat. We live in a time when women are more educated, more in control of their own lives and bodies as they ever have been. But I also understand that life happens and I personally support pregnancy crisis centers, local food pantries and domestic abuse shelters and have no problem with the government giving someone limited welfare to help them get back on their feet.


Christians sometimes to a TERRIBLE job with young mothers in their own midst. When their own children make a mistake and get pregnant they compassion not punishment ya’ll. And if you are a Christian you are called to help the poor, the orphans, the widows and those who are sick and disabled so if you have a few buck left over every month you should be supporting pregnancy crisis centers and local charities whether you think they “deserve” it or not. Because if the church had done a better job over the years assisting people who are hurting and in need in their own communities we wouldn’t need (at least some if not all) public welfare programs.


Some people you literally can’t argue with. They will not trust any source that isn’t Planned Parenthood or a liberal site whose statistics are skewed in favor of abortion.

Do not lose your ability to witness to a non-believer because you disagree on a sin. You cannot be surprised when sinners live like sinners.

There will be times when people are not ready to listen to the Word but that is not a reason to walk away from them and it is not a reason to push them to the point that they will no longer listen to anything you say. That is the time to step back and love them the way Jesus loves them and pray that there will be another chance for you to speak the truth and their hearts would be ready to receive it next time.

Some people take years to come to Christ. CS Lewis was an example being raised in a Christian home but not coming to Christ until he was 33.



Even if we sin differently we are not better. We are equals. We are equal in our fallen nature, we are equal in our need for Jesus and we are equal at the foot of the cross.

You can’t punch people in the face for Jesus and expect immediate repentance, conversion and reformation. Instead, let us treat each other with the immeasurable value they have within the eyes of Jesus Christ.


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018 Non Religious Arguments Against Abortion (Part 2)



It’s really important to know, understand and not deny historical context. You can’t just take an idea or movement founded by evil, wait a few decades, and say it’s suddenly not evil because you supposedly have better intentions. Every villain is the hero of their own story.


A ruling in favor of planned parenthood in PP vs Casey in 1992 had the unintended side effect of the courts acknowledging the age of viability was significantly earlier than it was at the time of Roe vs Wade, allowing states to put restrictions on abortions earlier in the pregnancy. The results were that small independent clinics and physicians who performed abortions were run out of business by the new restrictions.

So planned parenthood seized the opportunity and created surgical abortion mega-centers. The Walmart of abortion providers.

The results? By 2011 they performed 2.5 times more abortions than they did in 1990 even though the overall abortion rate dropped from 1.6 million to 1.1 million and their market share increased from 8% to 33% with a revenue increase from 400 million to 1.3 BILLION.


More than half of women who have abortions give contraceptive failure as the reason for the pregnancy. Contraceptives that Planned Parenthood passes out with very little information beyond use this and you won’t get pregnant.

The frequency of contraceptive failure is not discussed and in both camps (Planned Parenthood and the Church) they are not giving comprehensive sex education. So Planned Parenthood is shouting the virtues of “safe sex” knowing good and well that if they encourage sexual activity they will gain new customers.


Despite Planned Parenthoods increase in access to “women’s healthcare” and birth control in 2011 at the peak of their new business plan the unintended pregnancy rate for black women was 79 in 1000, the highest of any race or ethnicity, compared to 33 in 1000 for white women.

From 1990-2008 the abortion rate for black women increased by 9% and for hispanic women by 7.6% while during the same period the rates for white women DROPPED by just over 11%.

Blacks and Hispanics make up less than 30% of the population but they account for 55% of all abortions.

You cannot ignore this disparity! These statistics are the exact same numbers you see when you compare the percentage of people incarcerated in our prison system. Just over 30% of the population in the country accounts for over 50% of the population in our prisons. We are (much too slowly) acknowledging that this is a result of predatory lawmaking, sentencing discrepancies and lack of other options for rehabilitation and support for the minority community.

We have to see that the same exact thing is happening to women of color at the hands of Planned Parenthood. They are not “meeting a need” they are creating it by aggressively pursuing their target and then profiting from their desperation.


The only method of sex ed that has proven to delay the age of the first sexual experience AND increase the use of condoms/contraceptive AND be less likely to choose an age-discrepant partner is COMPREHENSIVE sex education including abstinence AND condoms/contraceptives.


Gender and disability are widely used around the world as justification for abortion.

Down syndrome is probably the highest on the list because we now have easy access to screening tests. Countries like Iceland, Denmark and Western Australia boast that they have “eradicated” Trisomy 21 from their populations when in actuality very few cases are inherited while the vast majority are spontaneous so there is no eradicating a genetic mutation there is only eradicating people with a genetic mutation.

Margaret Sanger had the same vision for the world as Adolf Hitler she was just much more effective in achieving it.


In order to keep them from looking like they are targeting minority communities they published their own results about the number of clinics in urban areas using zip codes instead of mileage radius to make it appear that many of their clinics are not in minority communities when really they are within walking distance.

They also use every occurrence of patient contact as a “service provided” and rank them equally to skew the percentage of their business that comes from abortions. For example, a woman receives a physical exam, a pregnancy test, a PAP smear, an ultrasound, an abortion and birth control and she has received 6 services. Only one sixth of her service was abortion.

More information about Planned Parenthoods skewed statistics can be found here and here on the Test Everything blog by Rev Matthew Newsome.


Child sacrifice is an ancient and hungry evil that existed long before Planned Parenthood.

We must acknowledge that our sisters in Christ are being attacked, pursued and lured by this evil.

We must fight for them as well as their children.

We must be the pro-life generation.


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The Lonely Island of Motherhood

ZI8. It’s amazing how three little characters can produce so much stress and yet here I stand trying to focus on something else, anything else and I can’t get those three characters out of my mind. Deep breath, eyes closed. Nope, they are still there. ZI8. It’s been 8 minutes now, maybe I can relax. Nope. Neck is tightening up. Eyes closed again, try to listen, roll my head from side to side to try and release the tension. Deep breathe. Here it comes. 15 minutes. Maybe it won’t happen today.

There it is. I open my eyes just in time to catch the 8 scroll off the screen. I know what it is. Well, at least I can relax now. I know my fate. I stand there for just a moment longer to soak in this last moment. What is this intense standoff you ask? It’s just another morning at church.

I go grab the screaming baby from the nursery worker and do the little dance to get him calmed down and then head to the cry room to catch the rest of the worship music and Bible study. And as my son snacks and plays happily in that little soundproof booth I see it happen to someone else. And a few minutes later one more time. Each time I watch the mom gather her things and head towards the nursery. They know they aren’t coming back. And each one settles into a different spot where their child won’t bother anyone else and just maybe they can at least catch the gist of the message while juggling sippy cups, goldfish, and toys. And while we are with 150 other women gathered together, each of us is completely alone.

For any mom dealing with separation anxiety, you know exactly how this feels. Motherhood is the best thing that ever happened to me. But when I transitioned from working mom to stay at home mom, I was also surprised to find out just how lonely it would be. From the outside, stay at home moms seem to be surrounded by people all day. Never having to leave your kids, time for playdates and mom groups, Bible studies, and carpools sounds like the promised land compared to early morning commutes, daycare drop-off, 5 o’clock traffic, balancing bath time, homework time, dinner time and family time in just a few hours in the evening.

But full-time stay at home moms have the benefit and burden of being with your kids ALLLLLL the time. From the moment they wake in the morning to the last excuse to get out of bed one more time at night they are there. They create a barrier to any personal relationships. Not intentionally or maliciously of course but it’s still there. They are within earshot of every conversation. They dictate where you can go (thank you restaurants that still have play places). They require your focus. It’s almost like walking around in a fishbowl. You can see other people and sort of superficially communicate with them but there’s always a barrier there to making any real connection. When I went to work they may have been on my mind constantly but physically there was no barrier to connecting with people. I could have honest conversations. I could invest in other people. I could focus my attention. I could finish things (at the office anyway). Even if they were just co-workers or clients I could have real interactions with adult humans.

But when I left that world to be at home all the time I realized that I didn’t have any friends who lived in this world. And everyone I met already had friends and, being in their own little fish bowls, they really couldn’t add any new ones. So I was alone. More alone than I’ve ever been. Until one sweet mom reached out to me. She’d been in my shoes before and she knew what it was like to start over in a new place trying to build relationships with a baby on your hip and a toddler to wrangle. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to call her a friend and she probably has no idea what an impact she has made on my life.

So if you’re the mom who has lived through this phase of life, please don’t leave us. Yes we are going to be late sometimes because someone had a bathroom emergency as we were walking to the door, and yes we are gonna want to go to chick-fil-A every single time we meet up and yes we are gonna cancel on you last minute because someone woke up with a fever after being totally fine the day before, but we need you right now. We need you to see us and talk to us, not just about how big the kids are getting or what the newest baby trick is, but we need you to ask us how we are doing. What are we worrying about? What is making us feel like a failure? And don’t worry we don’t need you to fix it, or give advice, we just need to know that you felt the same way at some point. Like we aren’t alone.

And if you’re the mom right now who is feeling completely isolated even though you are surrounded by people all day, please know that you are not alone. It’s okay to want to connect with people and it’s okay to be sad when you aren’t able to. And if you’re still trying to find someone to connect with and just need to hear that we’ve been there and that it does get better. You can find us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and we’d love to chat with you. Not because we are therapists, or your new best friends, or have some course to sell you that will solve all your problems, but because we are moms who have felt alone and sometimes still do.


017 Non Religious Arguments Against Abortion

Non-Religious Arguments Against Abortion – Using History, Science, and Sociology to Debate Non-Believers…part 1

Tonight Sandy and Elisabeth step away from the Scripture to discuss the evidence and defend the pro life position against abortion to help you strengthen and refine your argument when debating people who are not believers.


To someone who is not Christian, or of any other faith for that matter, “because the Bible says” is not a strong enough reason to combat thousands of years of lies to women and to families.

You must know WHY you believe what you believe in order to defend why you believe it. And you must also know what the opposite side believes and be able to empathize with them as human beings before you will be able to speak to their hearts on such passionate issues as abortion.


You can start empathizing by not calling women who have had an abortion a murderer. That is not speaking in love and it will do nothing to change minds and save babies.

Kimberly Ross from Redstate: Ben Shapiro says we shouldn’t prosecute women who have had abortions and he’s right.

I am…someone who desires and strives to speak the truth while not forsaking compassion and most of all, a listening ear. Love is truly louder.

The beauty of the gospel is that not only are we created equally in the image of God, but we are also equal at the cross. And because of that we can, and should, have compassion and empathy towards other sinners, even if their sin is very different from our own.


This lie is not new. It is an ancient and powerful lie. Infanticide is not new it is just wrapped up in a shiny new package called women’s healthcare. And sadly it will very likely exist in another form even if we are successful in creating legislation to protect life in our generation.

There is new information that ancient cultures may have practiced infanticide simply to control the size of their families (Yewden Villa archaeology discovery)


Yes the “S” word that so many Christians fear. Science is on our side! We have so much more evidence now to establish that babies in the womb are very much alive, can process their environment and feel pain than we did when Roe V Wade was decided. And while we can’t force the courts to hear the case again in light of these advancements we can certainly make sure our friends and family are aware.


Abortion is a violent procedure. There is no way around that. It is invasive and it ends a life. There are many people who care nothing for the word of God but will passionately demand that no violence against women should be tolerated. We have common ground with these people and we need to bring light to that and agree that violence against women should not be tolerated in any form.


Did you know that North Carolina was still performing forced sterilization procedures as a way to control welfare spending until 1977.

Abortion and eugenics proponents, including but not limited to, Margaret Sanger used programs just like this one to try and exterminate those with mental illness, low IQ, physical handicaps, low income and brown skin from the gene pool.

They worked with the Ku Klux Klan, politicians and community socialites such as the heir to the Proctor and Gamble fortune (you know the company who owns Pampers).

Organized charity itself is the symptom of a malignant social disease. -M Sanger

Join us next week as the discussion continues and we move into the modern leadership, growth and mission of Planned Parenthood.


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Weak Vessels

Happy Friday!

So the “Weaker Vessel” verse has come up several times to me in conversations over the past week, regarding the differences between men and women 1 Peter 3:7 :

“Likewise, husbands, live with your wives in an understanding way, showing honor to the woman as the weaker vessel, since they are heirs with you of the grace of life, so that your prayers may not be hindered.”

I just want to remind you today if you’re struggling with this, if someone is telling you that being a Godly wife is akin to being a doormat/maid/sexbot, if any idiot is telling you that your place as a “Godly” woman is to be lesser, or if you feel “weak” in your body, that this verse is talking about physical weakness, which is why it specifies “vessel”.

And yes IN GENERAL, our female bodies are weaker than most men’s. Biology. I didn’t make the rules. My vessel has Endometriosis and PCOS and gets migraines, it’s significantly weaker several days a month than my husband’s because of my female specific internal organs.

But that’s my vessel, my cursed body, the bit that shall return to dust. Not my spirit, not my intelligence, and not my faith. And this verse is telling men to honor and care for that “weakness”, and reminding them that in the eyes of Christ, we are EQUAL in all the ways that matter, “heirs with you”.

So if you feel weak of body today (chronic illness is no joke, y’all), or if someone is taking God’s word out of context to call you lesser, remember that you are not inherently lesser, or weak, in any way that truly matters to God or Christ.

I also have to point out here that what I LOVE about this verse, is that even in the Old Testament when the daughters of Zelophehad went to Moses for an inheritance – they were Heirs. and now, in the New Testament, post-Christ, we, being female, are heirs with men to Christ’s kingdom. It’s so beautiful.


016 Welcome to 2019!

Welcome to 2019!

Sandy and Elisabeth are back for 2019. The first episode of the year is a discussion of how the modern tradition of New Year’s Resolutions stacks up against Scripture.


ZECHARIAH [4:10] The people should not think that small beginnings are unimportant.

Zerubbabel was instructed by God to rebuild Solomon’s temple but the project sat uncompleted for 17 YEARS. That is a long time to complete a “mission from God”. But an angel came to him to give assurance and let him know that he should not discouraged because of this unimpressive start because the temple he builds will be even greater than Solomon’s.


PHILLIPIANS 3: Brothers and sisters, I know that I have not yet reached that goal but there is one thing I always do. Forgetting the past and straining towards what is ahead.

Paul says that he counts the past as lost. Because we don’t need to dwell on our failures anymore than we need to rest on our successes. Our mission is not complete until we are in our final home with Jesus. So do not let the accomplishments of today keep you from achieving even greater things tomorrow. And do not let the failures of today keep you from trying to succeed tomorrow.


EPHESIANS [2:10] For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.

We were created to do good. Not so that we could be prideful of our accomplishments or so that we could somehow save ourselves from condemnation but so that we could bring glory to our Father and so that others may see and know that He is God.


God’s grace, the forgiveness offered through Christ, is not a result of your works – your failures OR your successes.

You WERE created to do good and God prepared this beforehand.

We want to encourage you to acknowledge the progress you’ve made, the progress you make this year and praise God for and in every small step.


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