Do this…Just Do It

Do this in remembrance of me. Luke [22:19].

This is a passage we are sometimes so used to seeing that we forget to think about it. Jesus is comparing His body and His sacrifice to the most simple elements of bread and wine. Things that in Jesus’ time would be consumed daily. So often we think about communion as something that only happens at church and for a lot of churches only once in a blue moon. 

Now don’t get me wrong I LOVE taking communion at church. I was so happy to learn that our new church does communion every Sunday. I think it’s important to have that time as a church family. But let’s not forget that Jesus and the disciples were not at the temple at the Last Supper.

Do not miss the importance of Jesus using the simple items of bread and wine. He wanted us to remember His sacrifice every single day. Every time that a piece of food passes by our lips is a chance to refocus our priorities, to remember the ultimate sacrifice and to remember that it was not just made for us but for everyone, even that annoying mom in the pick up line, the rabid feminist in the next cubicle over, that road raging guy tailgating you in 5 o’clock traffic, yes even that guy. Jesus died for them.

So the next time you are snacking on the last of the goldfish crackers in the snack cup or leading your kids in prayer over their chicken nuggets, instead of asking God to bless this food try asking God to help you remember the sacrifice that Jesus made and to help you use the energy this food provides to show the love of Jesus to others.