003 The Problem with Proverbs 31 – Part 3

The Problem with Proverbs 31…Part 3

New Testament Examples:

  • Mary (Sister of Martha) (Luke 10: 38-42): She chose Jesus and recognized it is more important than all the other distractions of life

  • Anna (Luke [2:36]-38): She announced the coming of the Savior – A prophetess in the temple where Mary and Joseph brought Jesus. She was chosen to announce the arrival of the Savior and she told everyone who came to Jerusalem about Him.

  • The Damsel and the Maid (Mark [14:66]-72): They were important to Jesus – Peter’s denial of Christ, which was prophesied by Jesus himself. The first 2 denials were to women (probably young unmarried women whose word would not have even been accepted as testimony in a court of law)

  • Pontius Pilate’s wife (Matthew [27:15]-25): Her husband listened to her – She suffered in dreams because of Jesus’ innocence and told her husband not to have anything to do with him. This is when Pilate washes his hands of Jesus’ sentencing.

  • Women at the empty tomb (John 20:1-18): They believed – First to see the Resurrected Jesus; first to touch him; first to hear his voice. Again women whose word meant nothing by the law of the time were chosen to be the first witness to the Resurrected Christ.

  • Rhoda (Acts [12:12]-16): She was the first to recognize Paul when God released him from prison. Even years after Jesus’ ascension to Heaven women were still the first witness to miraculous events. (This time the men didn’t believe her and they left Paul knocking at the gate while she tried to convince them it was really him).

  • Lois and Eunice-Timothy’s mother and grandmother (2 Timothy 1:5-7): They were the Spiritual leaders of their home – Paul mentions the women by name and that Timothy’s faith started in them. Even though his father and grandfather were Greek

  • The care of widows (Acts 6:1-6): Women being mistreated and overlooked is the impetus for appointing the first deacons. This mistreatment of women in the church proved serious enough to warrant the ordination of seven men to prevent it—including Stephen.

  • The letters of Paul (Romans 16:1-16; Colossians [4:15]; 2 Timothy [4:19]; 1 Corinthians [16:10]): Of Paul’s four greetings that include specific names, a woman’s name is listed first in three of them.



The Proverbs 31 Housewife is just one example of the many ways that God calls women to serve in His Kingdom.

We are all different with unique gifts, abilities and callings. Are some of us given the same abilities and resources as the Proverbs 31 wife? Yes. Does that make the gifts and abilities given to any of the rest of us less important? NO!!

We are mothers and daughters and sisters, yes, but we are more than that. We are children of God, redeemed by Christ, and God sees us as an individual, not a partner, a caregiver or a “helpmeet”, but as a child of His. 

We are an important part of God’s ministry, of His message and of His plan. And His plan for us does not begin or end with marriage or motherhood. It starts in the beginning and continues until our last breath.

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