001 The Problem with Proverbs 31 – Part 1

The Problem with Proverbs 31…Part 1

What is it?

  • Proverbs as a whole is advice for a happy and prosperous life, but its intended audience is men.
  • “Woman of valor” Advice from a mother to a son on what to look for in a wife (Possibly from King Solomon’s own mother)
  • The 10th-31st verses are known as “The woman of valor”. It is advice from a mother to a son on what to look for in a wife.
  • It was likely written by Solomon himself and could be advice given to him by his mother Bathsheba
  • It was recited in Jewish households by the husband as a praise for his wife


What it has become today?

  • It has been elevated above all other scripture as the only example of a worthy wife.

What’s so wrong with that?

  • It is advice not a to do list
  • It is unattainable – we are not perfect (and we need sleep)
  • It is a conceptual woman not a real person
  • Limited view of the Bible – Old Testament teaching only (Acts [15:10] tells us that no one is strong enough to carry the load of the old ways)
  • It limits women’s ministry and influence by dismissing any other spiritual gifts not exhibited by this woman 
  • She had servants. Do ya’ll have servants? Cause we don’t.

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