Time to start unpacking

Elisabeth is currently offline, mostly because her computer is still packed but also because she is quite exhausted, but I wanted to share some of her reflections about moving while she enjoys her new home which currently contains a cat, a 4-year old, a box of princess stuff and a coffee pot:
“My husband and I have been planning this move for 7 years. It is a fulfillment of a dream and basically the start of a whole new life for our family.
But yet we’re still unpacking the same junk. It doesn’t really matter where you go or what you do your junk come with you. If you have good junk like coffee pots and princesses that’s awesome but bad junk like your gross old Brita water pitcher comes with you too. You bring all your junk wherever you go. None if it cleans itself out. You have to do the work.

That does not stop with the physical junk either. We all have mental and emotional junk you have to clean out as well. It takes more effort than a
big garbage bag and strong willpower but you can do it.
Spiritual junk, or sin, you can’t clean that junk on your own. You can’t go through the box and pick this is good, this is bad, this is for later. Only Jesus can clean that mess.”
I know I am guilty of holding onto sin that I plan on dealing with later (just like a couple boxes in my attic from my move 4 years ago), but in reality we need to confess it, turn from it and let the grace of an Almighty God clean it through the blood of Jesus Christ.
That extra box in my attic really doesn’t make any impact on my life from day to day, but the sin we hold onto makes all the difference every day. As we deal with the hustle and bustle of getting kids back to school and the business that our fall schedules bring to our lives let us not get so lost in the chaos that we allow sin to keep us from the peace and blessings of our Lord Jesus Christ.”
-Elisabeth (Transcribed by Sandy because…moving)